Watch Supercars Hitting The Goodwood Track

    June 25th 2022     Suhail Ajmal

We have seen the first-day action of the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Although the rain played a part in delaying some of the action, we managed to see all the exotic cars, concepts, new debuts, and even one-off examples, hitting the hill. The organisers at Goodwood have complied a video, showing the most exciting vehicles that attended the festival.

At the start of the video, you see the highly expected supercar by fans. Yes, we are talking about the Mercedes-AMG One that showed its class during the run, halting mid-way to activate its performance aerodynamic system before it completes the course.

Ford SuperVan 4 hit the track after that, and it didn’t make a mid-way because it doesn’t need any. Then we saw the latest M3 Touring from the Bavarian automaker that couldn’t speed up due to rain. The cars from Polestar and Bugatti also had to endure the rainy conditions, same as the three-wheeled Electra Meccanica and the Charge electric Mustang.

Travis Pastrana didn’t have to deal with the wet track, but even if he had to, he wouldn’t have any problem with that. While climbing the hill in his custom-built Subaru GL wagon gymkhana vehicle, he pushed the throttle hard. The high speed also showed the vehicle’s braking prowess, which is commendable. Besides, we witnessed the eye-catching supercars from Czinger and Ferrari, followed by Radford Lotus Type 62-2 and the 911 Sport Classic.

At the end of the video, we were impressed by three very distinct vehicles. We saw the Genesis Electrified G80 taking on the hill climb, punishing its tires during the spirited driving. It was the first time we witnessed the Prodrive P25 physically and it did great on the track while surprising the Subaru rally enthusiasts.

In the end, we were stunned by the Ferrari SP3 Daytona that had no problem tackling the wet track, showcasing the best of its abilities and its good looks.  

If you are interested to see more action from the Goodwood, you can tune in to the livestream.