Musk Inaugurates Gigantic Texas Factory, Shows Revised Cybertruck, Reveals Robotaxi

    April 9th 2022     Suhail Ajmal

The American electric car maker, Tesla organized the Cyber Rodeo event two days back to commemorate the formal inaugural of the company’s new facility in Austin, Texas. In the middle of the music, fireworks, and drones taking the shape of Tesla’s cars, the CEO Elon Musk sporting a cowboy hat and dark sunglasses burst on the scene to talk about the history, present, and the future of Tesla.  

The CEO hit the show floor in the first production Roadster as Dr. Dre was playing in the background. The show participants were very excited to take the first glimpse of the billionaire Tesla CEO. The first exciting news from Musk was about the company’s Full Self Driving suite. That will be accessible in wide beta sometime this year.

Musk was enthusiastic to announce the enormous size of the Texas factory which spans a massive 338 million square feet. If we put it vertically, it will measure 3,826 feet (1,166 meters) tall. Just for evaluation's sake, the Burj Khalifa stands 2,722 feet (829 meters) tall.

Musk believes when the factory is fully complete, working at full capacity, it should be able to produce approximately 1 million units annually. Supposedly, about 500,000 of that will be Model Y. Regarding the Cybertruck, the CEO said it will hit the roads sometime in 2023.

The Texas factory will not only develop automobiles but will also create batteries. It’s a section of the Tesla’s development assembly where we find cast pieces for the front and back and a mechanical pack in the centre.

Speaking of the future prospects, Musk says robotaxi is coming, and it "looks quite futuristic." Furthermore, the first iteration of the Optimus robot will "hopefully" arrive next year. The robot will "transform the world to a degree even greater than the cars," Musk thinks.

The CEO will spend most of his efforts this year to make the Texas facility fully operational. Next year, the company plans to introduce a "massive wave of new products." Apart from the Cybertruck, we might also get the second-generation Roadster and the Semi.

During the event, we saw the first Model Y examples that rolled out of the new production facility as well as a new prototype of the Cybertruck. Specifically, this model has no door handles. Musk says it does need any since it knows its owner.

Here is a promotional video that was played during the presentation.

Source and Images: Motor1